Palac and Park Complex in Struga

Obozy kondycyjne

The offer for active people. Come for your health.

If you are fed up with:

  • palac-struga-herbNordic Walking along city streets
  • palac-struga-herbtalking strolls in crowded parks
  • palac-struga-herbbicycle slalom among cars

If you seek:

  • palac-struga-herbproximity of virgin nature
  • palac-struga-herbslowly grazing herds of deers
  • palac-struga-herbwild mouflons

and many more attractions on hills surrounding Trójgarb, visit us and tear yourself away from everyday rush.

We offer:

  • palac-struga-herbaccommodation facilities enabling active rest for strollers, runners and cyclists
  • palac-struga-herbexcellent hiking routes including regular trails and our own suggestions
  • palac-struga-herbperfect routes for MTB riders making it possible to get prepared to upcoming season and particular competition.
  • palac-struga-herbroom for bicycle service place for MTB groups
  • palac-struga-herbqualified masseurs for all active tourists
  • palac-struga-herbspecial menu for those in need of nutritionally balanced diet after physical effor