Palac and Park Complex in Struga

Obozy kondycyjneobozy-kondycyjne

Classical massage:

  • - 30 min (back, neck, shoulders) – 100zł
  • - 60 min (back, shoulders, neck, hands, feet) – 140zł

The Dorn Method backbone manual therapy with Breuss’ massage

  • - 90 min – 200zł

Breuss’ backbone massage

  • - 30 min – 100zł

Relaxing massage

  • - 30 min (back, neck, shoulders) – 100zł
  • - 60 min (back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, feet) – 180zł

Hot stones massage

  • - 30 min (back, neck, shoulders, hands) – 120zł
  • - 60 min (back, shoulders, neck, hands, legs, feet) – 200zł

Kinesiology Taping

  • – average price about 80zł – price depending on amount of tape used


Classical massage

The most often it is used as prophylactic massage. Applied once every two weeks or at least once a month helps to keep tissues and body systems in optimum physical condition. Maintains flexibility of skin, soft tissue and muscles, sustains proper blood flow and supports natural body functions.

The Dorn Method manual backbone therapy

The Dorn method is a part of alternative natural medicine and has been used for over 30 years by physiotherapists, masseurs, nature-therapists and doctors. The method is commonly used while curing backaches, sciatica, shoulder neuralgia, scoliosis’, bad posture among children and adults and other internal organs medical conditions caused by backbone diseases.

The manual backbone therapy with Breuss massage.

Breuss massage is a manual-energetic backbone massage with the use of St John’s wort oil. The purpose of the massage is backbone straightening, restoring its flexibility and stimulation of meridians running along the spine. The massage is usually used as an ending part of the Dorn Method therapy but it may also be applied in the beginning in order to prepare the patient to the treatment. The massage can also be carried out independent of the Dorn Therapy.

Relaxing massage

It’s a perfect, natural method to ease stress caused by work and living in rush. The basic advantage of this type of massage is the stimulation of muscles and the circulatory system, elimination of both physical and psychological tension, total relaxation and ease. It supports treatment of neurosis, states of anxiety, increased stress states and its effects.

Hot stones massage. Soul and body balsam.

The hot stones massage influences whole body with relax, stimulation and treatment perfectly eliminating all tension and pain of muscles, especially after a long physical effort. Using the unique heat of stones improves blood circulation and metabolism, and removes toxins, cleaning the body. Combination of warm basalt stones and appropriate techniques of relaxing massage, lymphatic massage and acupressure is highly beneficial for tired and stressed body and mind of a present-day man with relax and regeneration being key advantages.

Massage being a vitalizing factor for every kind of skin facilitates it in breathing, fights cellulite and combines thermotherapy with aromatherapy..

Indications for stone massage:

  • physical and mental exhaustion

  • excessive stress
  • increased muscle tension
  • muscles and fasciae pains
  • internal organs disorders
  • hypertension
  • states of overload

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Taping is a method allowing perfect therapeutic results by using the sensory activity of kinesiology tape/k-active tape. In the treatment we use the k-active tape with parameters similar to human skin properties. The name of the therapy originates from Latin kinesiologia – the science about movement. By tape application we give the possibility to restore the functions....