Palac and Park Complex in Struga

Map of nearby attraction


Church of Peace in Świdnica

Cistersians’ Abbey in Krzeszów

Church of Peace and castle in Jawor

Szklarka and Kamieńczyk

Waterfall in Jeleniogórska Valley

Miniatures of Lower Silesia in Kowary

Adrspach i Teplice – amazing stone cities in the Czech Republic

Primator brewery in Nachod

Trail around Trójgarb mountain

Cisy castle ruins

Lancer Hill

Książ Castle

Medieval castle of Bolków and Świny

Renaissance castle in Grodno

Mysterious complexes of the World War II - Riese complex (amongst others: Włodarz, Walim, Osówka)

Museum of holocaust in Gross-Rosen camp in Rogoźnicy

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